Committee Bio’s

Chieftain – James McLeary

  • A member of The Society for 4 years. Originally from Coatbridge, Scotland. James has lived in Inverness, Stirling, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Overseas posts have included Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and Thailand. Profession is a Cyber Security consultant. Has 3 daughters, married to Sarisa and is keen on fitness and health and ancestry study. James is also a GlobalScot Ambassador for The Scottish Government.

Honorary Committee – Rab Thomas

  • Having served on the Java St Andrew’s Society in Jakarta for several years it was only natural that I join the Committe of the Bangkok St Andrew’s Society on arrival in Bangkok in 2000. This was when Chieftain Alan MacAlastair insisted that a committee meeting could only finish after midnight. How the poor Hon Sec managed to decipher the minutes notes I will never know !
  • After various positions on the committee but mostly Hon Treasurer I was elevated to Vice Chieftain in 2011. Alas this was the year that Thailand suffered huge floods and Bangkok was an Island for months and months. The then Chiefatin Paul Phenix had to curtail his plans for the Society that year as people had great difficulties moving around. So much so that Chieftain Paul’s house in north Bangkok was flooded for months and to get his kilt for the Annual Ball he had to borrow a row boat and enter his house via a second floor window. I asked him if he would stand the following year as Chieftain which he accepted and we had a great year. My year as Chieftain followed which was made extra special at the Annual Ball as all my Family attended travelling from Australia , America and Scotland
  • Stood down from Committee at the 2019 AGM as at my age I thought we need some younger blood. However the Committee thought differently and made me an Hon Committee Member

Honorary Secretary – Kirsty Hastie Smith

  • My name is Kirsty Hastie Smith and I have been in Bangkok for 13 years and on the Bangkok St Andrew’s committee for 12 years.  I am from Pitlochry but was schooled at The Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh.  I was an army child so had the great fortune of being brought up in some amazing countries, which is where I got the travel bug from.  As soon as I arrived in Bangkok I offered my services to The Bangkok Thistle Pipe Band, which is now The British Club Pipe Band, and brought my highland dancing skills along with me too.  I thoroughly loved having the great honour of being Chieftain of the society throughout 2010-11.

Committee – Alex Baker

  • My name’s Alex Baker. My wife and I have been living in Thailand for seven years, I currently manage The Londoner Brew Pub here in Bangkok. I’m excited to join the St. Andrew’s committee for a couple of reasons; it’s great to be apart of a community committed to the local Scottish community and I am very happy that my young daughter will also get to be apart of it too. Thailand is a fantastic place, but Scotland is always in my heart. I am honoured to be part of the society and hope that my contributions can help push the society onward and upward. Slainte Mhath

Committee – Moray Nicol

Moray Nicol, born in Glasgow in the 60s (that’s all you’re getting there). Father of three grown up kids. Now engaged to be married to Khun Tan, a colleague at the British Embassy. St Mirren fan, passionate Scottish patriot falling in love with Thailand too. Former Scottish infantry, former construction worker, former IT analyst. Currently a Secure Technical Services Officer for the FCO where I’ve worked for the last ten years. One year into a four year posting to Bangkok which I find to be one of the best cities in the world (outside Scotland).

Committee – Simon Ramsay

Born in Stirling, grew up in Livi, house looking over the beloved Tynecastle. Lived overseas with the Wife and daughter for 15yrs now from U.A.E, Qatar, Philippines and now Thailand. Love golf and visiting new countries. Served on various Scottish committees where we have lived to celebrate everything about our Country. Haste ye Back J (when I reach retirement)