Rab Thomas RIP

Cheerio to my great friend Rab, we got together as I’m sure you wanted us to. Our #Bangkok St Andrew’s Society will celebrate you forever, our clan will remember you dearly.

Mar sin leat mo charaid 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

One thought on “Rab Thomas RIP

  1. Leaving Rab’s Committee bio here for safekeeping:

    Having served on the Java St Andrew’s Society in Jakarta for several years it was only natural that I join the Committe of the Bangkok St Andrew’s Society on arrival in Bangkok in 2000. This was when Chieftain Alan MacAlastair insisted that a committee meeting could only finish after midnight. How the poor Hon Sec managed to decipher the minutes notes I will never know !
    After various positions on the committee but mostly Hon Treasurer I was elevated to Vice Chieftain in 2011. Alas this was the year that Thailand suffered huge floods and Bangkok was an Island for months and months. The then Chiefatin Paul Phenix had to curtail his plans for the Society that year as people had great difficulties moving around. So much so that Chieftain Paul’s house in north Bangkok was flooded for months and to get his kilt for the Annual Ball he had to borrow a row boat and enter his house via a second floor window. I asked him if he would stand the following year as Chieftain which he accepted and we had a great year. My year as Chieftain followed which was made extra special at the Annual Ball as all my Family attended travelling from Australia , America and Scotland
    Stood down from Committee at the 2019 AGM as at my age I thought we need some younger blood. However the Committee thought differently and made me an Hon Committee Member


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